Treasures to discover

Punta Milocca – the turquoise sea of Siracusa

Punta Milocca is an hamlet of Siracusa, beside another famous small seaside town of Arenella and without any doubt defined a jewel set between cliffs and steep hill to the ...
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Baia del silenzio – blue sea and peacefulness near Brucoli

Located in the small town of Castelluccio, near Siracusa, the Baia del Silenzio, whose name derives from her peculiar location, a isolated and little-known sea area, is characterized by a ...
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The Marchesa Beach – La Riserva del Gelsomineto

Close to Siracusa, there is a wonderful stretch of sublte golden coast, lapped by a crystal-clear cobalt blue sea and surrounded by the green of a scented pine grove, the ...
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The cove of Bue Marino

Awarded in 2016 with the Legambiente contest “La più bella sei tu”, the cove of Bue Marino surely is one of the most loved and visited beaches in Italy. Corner ...
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Natural Reserve of Belice

To the boundary between the towns of Castelvetrano and Menfi, in the areas of Trapani and Agrigento respectively, there is an unpolluted oasis, characterized by wonderful beaches lapped by a ...
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